Saturday, April 5, 2014

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I looked and looked for a tute for these scarves, and everyone does them a little differently.  BUT, none were very clear on attaching the ends together.  So I thought I'd give you instructions on how I did it.  And it's very easy.  I'll go through the whole thing from start to finish for those who want very detailed instructions.  If you just want to know how to attach the ends, skip ahead.

This is a chiffon fabric and perfect for warmer weather.  It is 60" wide and just over a yard at 40" or so.

I laid the whole piece on my work table and folded it in half lengthwise as shown.  Doesn't matter if it's right side or wrong side, since we are just cutting it in half at this point.

The fold is on the right.  I put some weights on the fabric to keep it from shifting and cut right up that fold to make 2 pieces that were roughly 20"x60".  The second piece is wadded up and laying on top.

Put that second piece aside and use it for another scarf.  Fold your one length in half again lengthwise right sides together and stitch it along that long side ONLY.  I used my serger.

Now you have one long tube.  Press the stitching to set.

Now reach through one end and grab the other end and pull it through so it's right side out.

And it should look like this.

Now this is where everyone gets stumped on how to attach the ends.  But this is super easy and I'm posting a plethora of pics so you can see exactly how it looks from different angles.

Find your seams at each end.

And pin them together (right sides).  Then about 2" above that pin, put another pin. See the arrows?  The pins are hard to see.

Here are some other angles so you can see how it should look at this stage. This is from the front.  See both tubes to either side of where it's pinned?
And from the top?  It's a circle.

Now take it to the sewing machine and start stitching at that first pin.

And when you get to the second pin:

You'll pull it out and then just keep your edges even as you continue you stitch.  See the arrow in the next picture?  That's the bottom layer.
Keep your fingers near the needle to keep the fabric smooth as it feeds through the machine.  It's very easy to get the other fabric bunched up underneath.
When it starts getting tight (about half way around).  Put your needle down in the fabric.  The arrow is pointing at where we started stitching.

Now gather up all the excess fabric.

And stuff it inside the pouch we just made.

This is what it should look like now.

Now just continue stitching leaving a 1-2" opening at the end to pull the fabric back through. Your excess fabric is stuffed neatly inside.

And this is what it looks like at this point.

Now just reach in and pull that fabric back through.

And it looks like this.

Press that opening to get those seams lying down and close it with your machine or by hand.

You can press it if you like, but I like it nice and fluffy.  Now your new scarf is ready to wear.  Wasn't that easy, peasy??

Feel free to ask questions if I haven't made anything clear.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Saturday.


  1. Great tutorial! I'm so going to use that! I'd love to see you link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at

    1. Thank you Ren. I just went over and linked up. Please share pics when you make your own. I'd love to see it. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. My Goodness! I wish I saw your tutorial before I made one of those scarf last fall. After much fumbling, ripping seams and folding the fabric in any possible way to try to figure out how to do it, I did it exactly the way you did. It seems my method was not so bad after all! ;-)

    1. I did the same thing France. So I thought I'd share it so no one else had to struggle the way we did. I ripped many a seam too! Would love to see yours. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'll have my photographer (my spouse!) take a picture this weekend if the weather is not too grey or next weekend!

  4. I'm researching how to do this so that I can teach some little girls this summer. I really appreciate how easy-to-follow yours is! Did you see this one posted awhile back by Rett? It's a good one, too.

    1. Yes, JJ. I did. I liked how that one had the twist in it. I thought it would go unnoticed in this pattern though, so I just made it straight. This will be a perfect project for the girls. You should also try the earbud case. I just made one, and it's really easy. I didn't use batting. I used craftfuse on the focus fabric pieces instead. It was less bulky. I would also make the circle a bit larger. My earbuds don't fit in the case without really wrapping them really tight around my fingers. Then they get all tangled when taken out of the case. Plus if you have an i-Phone, you need that special attachment for earbuds, and it takes up more room.

    2. Thanks for the link!! I've got my projects lined up for this summer, but I'm already assuming everyone will have a WONDERFUL time and that I'll need some new ideas for next summer! ;)

  5. Great tutorial! I have a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:

    1. Thank you so much Anne. I'm glad you liked it and hope it helps your readers. I'll go over now and check our your website.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. I am happy to share when something works well for me! lol Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Angela- when you first fold the fabric in half lengthwise, just before stitching the long end, is it right sides together or wrong sides. Hard to tel

    1. They are right sides together. I will go back and edit this post to include that. So sorry. :)

  8. I'm going to have to make one step by step with your tutorial... What is confusing at first glance is trying to see what part of the fabric is the right side and wrong side.

    1. Michele, I will go back and edit the post to make that notation. I didn't realize I hadn't said it. Thank you and njerzgal for letting me know. They are right sides together.